Word Arena for iOS fixed

December 20, 2011

It has taken a little longer than we hoped but we were super busy lately. However, we can now finally say that all the crashing bugs for iOS5 have been fixed. If you are still having issues, please let us know.



iOS5 Crashing Game

October 31, 2011

We are aware of the new build of iOS crashing the app when you play the game. I apologize for taking so long to fix this. We’ll work on it as soon as we can. Thanks for understanding!


Yup, You’ve Been Banned

October 8, 2011

There’s always a few bad apples in a basket – it’s a fact of life, it seems. I did not want to spend the time building a user-banning system simply because the time would be much better spent working on actual features/improvements. However, we’ve been forced to actually spend the time and do it because some players don’t understand their vulgarity is not welcomed.

There might be some additional features such as flagging users. Whether it’s implemented or not will depend on the amount of additional complaints we get after the current batch of bans – hopefully we’ve thrown out all the bad apples.

If you were banned, congratulations, you deserved it!


Word Arena iOS Is Live!

September 30, 2011

At long last – the wait is over 🙂

If you have an iPhone/iPad, head over to the app store and download the game. It’s completely FREE!


There are some improvements coming really soon that will bring feature parity with the WP7 version.


Word Arena Coming to iOS

September 27, 2011

We’ve been busy trying to bring you Word Arena to your iPhone/iPad but after a multitude of issues we had to deal with, we can finally say that it will be available on the AppStore this Friday, September 30th!

Right now it does not have the social features that the WP7 one has (such as friend lists and chat) but we’ll be adding them in the coming weeks. This is a truly cross-platform game as leaderboards and rounds are shared between the WP7 and iOS version. You will even see who is playing on what platform! Starting on Oct 1st, you will also notice this change in the WP7 version. Here are some screenshots in the meantime:

We will post a link to the AppStore as soon as it’s live. Looking forward to see you in the game – who are the best Word Arena players out there? Will they be iPhone or Windows Phones users? Let’s find out!

Help us get the word out and tell your friends about Word Arena.



Update Woes…

September 4, 2011

I apologize if you updated your game and lost your awards. In the new update, the awards are now synchronized with the server (they used to be only stored locally). All your statistics should remain intact so getting most awards back should not be that hard (hopefully). Also, for those of you who were worried about changing your name and losing your stats (to get the “I’m Somebody award”), don’t worry! All your statistics are kept with your account even if you change your screen name.

To change your screen name, go to Options (the ‘gear’) and then tap on your name there. Please send us an email if you are having any issues.


Leaderboards Not Loading Sometimes

August 29, 2011

Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding the leaderboards not loading sometimes – I’m aware and a fix is already in certification. There are actually a couple of problems. One was due to a bug introduced when the game was updated so that you can go back and forth between the board and the rankings as many times as you want during the break (I’ve received a couple of compliments for that feature! thank you 🙂 and the second problem is due to low/limited network.

What we were doing was submitting all your scores, including statistics, right after the end of the round. We have a window of 15 seconds before we load the round scores – under most circumstances, that is enough. However, it turns out that that’s sometimes not enough when you have limited network connectivity. We submit a total of 8 different statistics + your round results.

Our solution: What the new build does is that it will only submit the most crucial score – your round results. Then defer all the statistics until the middle of the next round (while you are playing the game). This has pros and cons. The pro is obviously we gain back as much of your data pipe as we can for loading the round results. The con is that if you exit the game, your statistics won’t be posted! The mitigation, however, is that your statistics are actually cumulative so the next time you play a round, your stats are going to be submitted then.

A few other things you will notice in the new version:

  • Rankings filtered by your own country. There’s a new pivot in the results that will show you the rankings against people in your own country. This is test run, I’ve placed data markers to track how often this feature is used (i.e. how many times people load the “country” pivot). If it’s not used enough, it might end up being an option that you tweak (turned off by default) so that we recover that pivot space and/or maybe even re-purpose it for more features.
  • Reduced the difficulty of 2 awards. “Veteran Player” has been reduced to 100 games, from 1000. “Not Average” has been changed to top 10% out of at least 100 players instead of top 10 from at least 100 players – now that achievement should scale as the community grows
  • Misc bug fixes (mostly UI-related such as alignment, wording, etc)

Feel free to send more feedback! Thanks for playing.