These are the games we’ve released to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Click on the banner to download them for free!

Word Arena

Bubble Burst 2

Bubble Burst Logo


Pandemic Banner

Pandemic Evolved


9 Responses to Games

  1. Tonya Watts says:

    In BB2, have u thought of adding new/different versions(other than what u already have)of the bubbles? I luv this version over the 1st, but w/this version, I need to unlock an award b4 I can use the marbled bubbles. For whatever reason, these bubbles are much easier on my eyes than the 1s that r unlocked. Hoping u might consider either adding new versions or the option to possibly change the colors of the bubbles?

    • kensou says:

      I might add more themes in the future but currently there are no plans. You shouldn’t have to unlock the award every time though – we’ll look into this problem. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Tonya Watts says:

        Wow! Must say I am amazed by your prompt response! Nowadays, I feel giving any feed back/suggestions to companies, even positive ones-is a waste of my time as “customer service” is not what it used to be. Thanks for the response & your promptness-especially for the fact that my post wasn’t “urgent”.

      • kensou says:

        Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Tonya Watts says:

    I sent a message through the game last week stating that in BB2, challenge mode, marathon game-my last weeks total score shows 0 for all 3 boards. Under each board it lists my scores that I got in classic mode. It does however list my last weeks score correctly on the top score board. Why does this happen? Thanks for your time!

    • kensou says:

      One way this could happen is that you got a highscore when you did not have an internet connection. Unfortunately, right now we don’t queue up the result and retry later. That could be why you see your score locally but not on the leaderboards. Is this still happening? Or is your score showing up correctly now? Btw, maybe my email went to your junk folder – I sent you a response to that email.

  3. ATack says:

    I’m enjoying the game but I’m stuck. I can’t find a way to end the game. Yes, I’m trying to end it (I have a high score and lots of rainbow guys). last time I got a high score and tried exiting, the game didn’t recored my score. Now I have even more points/virus killed. How do I get fewer wild card virus or end this game while keeping my score?

    • kensou says:

      I assume you are talking about Pandemic Evolved? Yes, there was a bug that caused the rainbow viruses to keep coming out after a certain level (making it impossible to lose). This was fixed in version 1.2 though – what version are you playing? The game submits your score as soon as you complete your game. This means that you have to have an internet connection when you complete the game (it doesn’t queue scores to submit). Last time you lost the score was probably due to a lack of connection (or you exitted too quickly and the game didn’t have the chance to complete the submission).
      Please check your version and if it’s not 1.2, update your game. Once it’s updated, you should be able to complete the game – don’t worry, after upgrading, your current game’s state should be the same.

  4. Skyebella says:

    I really enjoy Word Arena Good Job!!!!!!!!

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