Word Arena Coming to iOS

We’ve been busy trying to bring you Word Arena to your iPhone/iPad but after a multitude of issues we had to deal with, we can finally say that it will be available on the AppStore this Friday, September 30th!

Right now it does not have the social features that the WP7 one has (such as friend lists and chat) but we’ll be adding them in the coming weeks. This is a truly cross-platform game as leaderboards and rounds are shared between the WP7 and iOS version. You will even see who is playing on what platform! Starting on Oct 1st, you will also notice this change in the WP7 version. Here are some screenshots in the meantime:

We will post a link to the AppStore as soon as it’s live. Looking forward to see you in the game – who are the best Word Arena players out there? Will they be iPhone or Windows Phones users? Let’s find out!

Help us get the word out and tell your friends about Word Arena.




One Response to Word Arena Coming to iOS

  1. SkyMover says:

    good news for iOS and i’m waiting for it

    thank you for a great article

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