Leaderboards Not Loading Sometimes

Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding the leaderboards not loading sometimes – I’m aware and a fix is already in certification. There are actually a couple of problems. One was due to a bug introduced when the game was updated so that you can go back and forth between the board and the rankings as many times as you want during the break (I’ve received a couple of compliments for that feature! thank you 🙂 and the second problem is due to low/limited network.

What we were doing was submitting all your scores, including statistics, right after the end of the round. We have a window of 15 seconds before we load the round scores – under most circumstances, that is enough. However, it turns out that that’s sometimes not enough when you have limited network connectivity. We submit a total of 8 different statistics + your round results.

Our solution: What the new build does is that it will only submit the most crucial score – your round results. Then defer all the statistics until the middle of the next round (while you are playing the game). This has pros and cons. The pro is obviously we gain back as much of your data pipe as we can for loading the round results. The con is that if you exit the game, your statistics won’t be posted! The mitigation, however, is that your statistics are actually cumulative so the next time you play a round, your stats are going to be submitted then.

A few other things you will notice in the new version:

  • Rankings filtered by your own country. There’s a new pivot in the results that will show you the rankings against people in your own country. This is test run, I’ve placed data markers to track how often this feature is used (i.e. how many times people load the “country” pivot). If it’s not used enough, it might end up being an option that you tweak (turned off by default) so that we recover that pivot space and/or maybe even re-purpose it for more features.
  • Reduced the difficulty of 2 awards. “Veteran Player” has been reduced to 100 games, from 1000. “Not Average” has been changed to top 10% out of at least 100 players instead of top 10 from at least 100 players – now that achievement should scale as the community grows
  • Misc bug fixes (mostly UI-related such as alignment, wording, etc)

Feel free to send more feedback! Thanks for playing.



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