Yup, You’ve Been Banned

There’s always a few bad apples in a basket – it’s a fact of life, it seems. I did not want to spend the time building a user-banning system simply because the time would be much better spent working on actual features/improvements. However, we’ve been forced to actually spend the time and do it because some players don’t understand their vulgarity is not welcomed.

There might be some additional features such as flagging users. Whether it’s implemented or not will depend on the amount of additional complaints we get after the current batch of bans – hopefully we’ve thrown out all the bad apples.

If you were banned, congratulations, you deserved it!



9 Responses to Yup, You’ve Been Banned

  1. Kimilynn76 says:

    This game is not loading on my iPhone. I recently updated to ios5. I can look at leader boards, help and etc, but when I click “play”, the screen goes dark and closes the app. I really liked it. Please fix ASAP.

  2. kensou says:

    Yes, we are aware it does not currently work on iOS5. We will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting this, though.

  3. Ace says:

    Please remove the back button on the gameboard. It is unnecessary once a game has started and a word has been played. I’ve hit this by accident so many times in the middle of a game when my fingers get busy.

    • kensou says:

      Interesting suggestion. That might be a reasonable compromise between usability and functionality. Thanks!

      • Ace says:

        Or make it tiny and hard to accidentally press. I think if a user really wants to quit a game they can double click “back”. Or press and hold “back”.

        The anti-use case is playing a game, getting a good score, and accidentally hitting back 🙂

  4. A Evans says:

    Can you please ask word arena user I f*ck c*nts hard to change their name or ban them because it’s offensive and children use this app the name is inappropriate. Thanks

  5. Susan says:

    More users using really disgusting profanity in their users names – please band as It ruins the gane

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